WorkSafe accepts Enforceable Undertaking from Directionz Limited

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On 12 May 2016 a worker employed by Directionz Limited was working on a bridge where he was cutting bolts off the posts from below the bridge using a portable angle grinder. When cutting the fourth bolt off the post, the 1mm fibre cut-off blade being used disintegrated with fragments striking the worker on his face, which penetrated his safety glasses.

The worker suffered serious cuts to his cheek, eye region and forehead and subsequently had his left eye removed and a prosthetic eye fitted.

The worker has completed a return to work programme and is fully integrated within the team.

Alleged Breach

Sections 36(1) (a), 48(1) and (2) (c), of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Summary of Enforceable Undertaking
Directionz Ltd will:

  • Provide financial reparation to the victim.
  • Deploy a higher qualified Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Co-ordinator to oversee implementation of commitments to improvements in Health and Safety systems and terms of the undertaking. This includes the dissemination of information and supervision of training and accreditation requirements. The Co-ordinator, among other things, will also undertake monthly report and confirmation that the EU requirements are being addressed.
  • Provide Incident Cause Analysis Method training for regional managers.
  • Have operational managers (10) accredited with the SiteSafe Supervisor Gold Card.
  • Have all staff complete and pass the CONSTRUCTSAFE programme and SiteSafe passport.
  • Engage services of Massey University and other consultants/experts to provide a “best practice” working guide for laymen (to meet NZS 1336).
  • Provide “safe operation” documentation for grinding equipment to retail and safety suppliers for distribution to staff.
  • Purchase space for an advertorial in the NZ Herald and NZ Civil Contractors magazine.
  • Make a donation to the Blind Foundation.
  • Develop and deliver a work and safety programme for local High School students (16 students over 2 years).

This enforceable undertaking has a total expenditure of at least $233,674.18

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