Safetree Contractor certification

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Safetree Contractor Certification provides forestry with an industry standardised assessment of a contractor’s suitability to work. This scheme was designed for forestry, by forestry.

Sign up to become certified

To start the certification process, sign up here. The company that runs the online assessments, BraveGen, will be in touch.

Why get certified?

For contractors, certification demonstrates your professionalism to clients. It provides a benchmark that your health and safety systems can be designed to, and means everyone is held to the same standards.

For forest owners and managers, using certified contractors provides an assurance that the companies you hire are competent to do the job.

For workers, the scheme will lead to improved health and safety and employment conditions.

The scheme was designed in consultation with the regulator, WorkSafe, and with extensive input from the industry.

What’s involved in becoming certified?

To become certified, contractors need to complete a web-based assessment and a field audit.

The criteria in the assessment and field audit are based on industry good practice.

Contractors get support to do the web assessment from BraveGen, which runs the online assessment.

The field audit is done by an accredited Safetree Auditor of the contractor’s choice. The field audit focuses on observations of the work environment and questioning of workers in the field. The Auditor will identify any improvements that should be made at the time of the audit.

Certified contractors will be added to a searchable register on

How are contractors assessed?

The online assessment covers:

  • Insurance certificates
  • Incident statistics
  • Employment advice

The field audit covers:

  • Risk management
  • Competencies
  • Leadership and engagement
  • Employment conditions
  • Critical risks
  • Health risks
  • Forest practices

What is the investment?

You will need to pay an annual subscription fee of $695 (ex GST) for the web assessment and maintenance of the scheme.

The cost of the field audit is variable depending on the Auditor you select and their travel expenses. But an indicative cost for a full day is between $800 and $1000. The audit is required every two years.

Source: Safetree