Positive Story: AED at Olsen 80 Ltd

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“During April 2017 we were reviewing our emergency preparedness and first aid equipment. During this review our health nurse suggested that an AED would be a good fit for our site due to the Ageing work Force we have, and also those of our Suppliers and Customer(s).

On any given day we have up to 20 visiting workers, plus our own 7 people with an average age of around 50yrs. Some of the truckies are in their 70s!

We have also advised our local farmer neighbours of the AED availability on site.

We approached our suppliers and asked them if they would help us sponsor the AED which would be put into our wheel loader on site.

The response was very positive and six companies helped to sponsor the $3000 purchase price as follows:

  • PF Olsen and Co. Ltd
  • Ryco 24-7- Central Hose & Fittings Ltd
  • St Johns Ambulance.
  • Forest Distribution Ltd.
  • Mini Fuels Ltd
  • Damon Collins Engineering

Further to this, St Johns provided free training to our people on site during June 2017.

So next time you visit, feel good that you’re in good hands on our work site!!”