n3 business discounts

As a buying group of over 12,000 members, n3 is able to produce better pricing with a wide range of leading suppliers throughout New Zealand.

Everything your business buys is at a lower cost, from milk supply to stationery, health and safety to building suppliers.

n3 works with you to find business savings. If you are already using an n3 supplier, they’ll check to make sure you’re getting the best price. You can pick and choose the suppliers you use, and you maintain the direct relationship with them.

How to get it:

Your membership has been covered by Forest Industry Contractors Association, so there is no additional cost to you.

Visit the n3 FICA webpage to apply online and activate your membership.

Alternatively, call 0508 20 30 40 and one of the n3 team will get you started.

Once your account is activated

  • You can open trade accounts with n3 suppliers or link existing accounts to get exclusive n3 pricing.
  • Use the n3 Trade Card, or the n3 Trade Card App, at participating suppliers to get the n3 discount at point of sale.
  • Staff can receive in-store discounts for personal purchases through n3’s Employee Benefits program.

 Reduce Costs

 Save Money

 Simple Business

Vehicle & Transport

Vehicles, rental & disposal, batteries, tyres, GPS, oil & lubricants, vehicle testing & driver training.

Business Essentials & Office

Purchase stationery, computer consumables and paper through GSB’s contracted suppliers. Stationary & office supplies, packaging, mail & courier services, furniture, filing & cafe supplies.

Health & Safety

Medical, First Aid & Civil Defence, Washroom, Cleaning & Hygiene, Safety Equipment & Clothing.

Trade & Maintenance

Building, paint & plumbing supplies, landscaping & outdoor equipment.

Technology & Communications

Computers, servers & software, telecommunications & web conferencing.

Grocery & Hospitality

Cafe, hospitality & catering equipment, groceries, produce & kitchen supplies.

Top 10 Suppliers for FICA Members

Next Step…
For more information call the n3 Membership Services Team:
Tel: 0508 20 30 40