ROSS DAVIS, President
Ross is a founding member of the Forest Industry Contractors Association. He is the current President of the Association.

Tel: 027 493 8460

Blair Davis is the owner/operator of RAD Logging, which is based in the East Coast of New Zealand. He has been in the industry for nearly two decades, and over this time has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to the extraction and processing side of the forest industry.
This experience and knowledge was fundamental when the formation of RAD Logging occurred back in 2012.
Since then, his focus has changed to the business side of things, where he has been learning and refining the key factors required to operate a successful and safe business.
Blair believes that good leadership and focused forestry workers are the key, with that in mind he considers himself lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated team behind him.
Blair is a family man, and with a wife and two children, he says that it really hits home the need for operations to be safe, and for everyone to make it home each day. “Best practice is important to me, and I strive to be top of the field in regards to health and safety.”

Tel: 021 204 1702

Having been a logger since the age of 14, Dale along with his wife Christine are the owners of Moutere Logging one of New Zealand’s largest harvesting companies. Based in Nelson, they also own the mechanical services and manufacturing company DC Equipment. DC Equipment are the creators of the Falcon Forestry Equipment range of mechanized logging equipment and currently employs over 60 staff in Nelson and Concepcion, Chile.
DC Equipment are on a mission to develop a range of technologies to make steep slope logging safer and more productive, whether it’s replacing breaker-outs with the Falcon Forestry Claw hydraulic grapple carriage, or substituting fallers on difficult hill sides with a felling head attached to a carriage which is currently in development.
For the last five years, the team at DC Equipment have also been manufacturing and selling the Falcon Winch Assist, a single rope winch-assist system. To date DC Equipment, has delivered over 40 machines in New Zealand, Canada and Chile. DC’s engineering team are also currently developing a range of Swing and Tower Yarders.

Tel: 027 438 5955

Guy Gaddum (43) is owner and Managing Director of Rotorua based forestry and civil roading company Gaddum Construction Ltd.
With over 12 years of independent director experience on a range of companies including Port Gisborne Ltd, Tauwharapare Farms Ltd, and more currently Quality Roading and Services based in Wairoa, he brings a solid grounding of corporate governance experience together with solid operational forestry experience gathered over 28 years in a variety of roles in New Zealand Forestry.
He holds a Bachelors degree in Forestry Science (Hons) and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Canterbury and is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Tel: 027 441 0866

Hamish has been involved in a variety of areas within the industry over the last 22 years. He completed a Forestry Degree at University of Canterbury 1992. First job out of University was working with FRI surveying Beech forest in Westland. He remembers getting helicoptered in to the top of a valley then spending a few days wandering down doing surveys up the valley sides, trying not to look like deer as enthusiastic cullers flew over them.
Hamish then briefly worked for the local Regional Council helping to plan re-afforestation in eroding Taranaki Hill country during the planting boom. He spent a few years based on the Coromandel managing and harvest planning and roading for CHH.
After working with CHH, he became a contract harvest /resource consent planner etc. and started in the logging and forest roading industry. He has worked in a variety of North Island forests, but principally in Northland.
Hamish has been running hauler, groundbased, roading and quarry operations in Northland for the last 12 years, and employs around 35 staff.
Hamish is married and his wife, Rachel, is very much involved in the business. They have 3 children.

Tel: 027 477 0565

I am the Managing Director of FPS Forestry Ltd, based in Whangarei. FPS Forestry carries out silviculture operations across Northland. Our partner company, Forest Protection Services, offers rural fire management and response services to a number of fire authorities and uses our crews as response teams.
I am a board member of FICA and the Chair of the Forest and Rural Fire Association New Zealand, a member of the Forest Industry Safety Council and involved in the Contractor Certification and Industry Wide Training TAGs.
I have been involved in the forest industry for over 30 years and have seen our industry evolve over that time. I have been involved with various roles focusing on forest establishment and protection since the days of Forest Products presence in Northland in the 1980s.
We began our silviculture operations in 2005 when an opportunity arose to diversify from our traditional protection role.
Establishing our silviculture crews boosted our capability in fire control and the two parts of the business have complimented each other since. We have now had staff and crews on fire assignments in 5 countries over the last 16 years.
I firmly believe that our industry can be safe, sustainable and professional through all stakeholders working together. FISC has provided us with a unique opportunity to professionalise the industry.
It is my firm belief that we need to take a holistic view of our businesses and to improve across all aspects of professionalism in order to be safe.
Safe businesses are also sustainable, professional businesses and I see FICA as the organisation to support contractors to achieve this in conjunction with FISC.

Tel: 021 798 177

Owner of Mangoihe Logging.

Tel: 027 497 8019

Partner to Tanya Thompson for 22 years and her two children – Jalea Thompson 25 years old nursing in Perth, Australia and Regan Thompson 23 years old, stainless steel Fabricator in Rotorua.
I am the Managing Director of Stubbs Contractors Ltd, a Forestry Logging business. I have been operating for 15 years in the Gisborne region.
I started as an operator when I left school. I worked for local contractors, then went to the mines in Australia for a year before returning here to the Logging Industry at 21 years of age.
I worked for Dewes Contractors for 6 years operating and managing his road lining crews before going out on my own as an Owner Operator with a Loader for Juken NZ.
From there I slowly grew the business to where it is today.
During this time I had a Motorcross accident breaking my back, becoming a permanent paraplegic.
The business consists of three Hauler logging crews operating various equipment in challenging terrain and conditions, employing over 20 staff.
A lot of my time is spent planning, organising equipment, managing the staff consisting of a Health & Safety Officer, Crew Foreman, Machine operators, Tree fallers and various other roles along with service providers.
As well as the daily managing of the business and operations I still occasionally operate some of the heavy machinery.

Tel: 027 217 5858

Sonya is born-and-bred from Taupo and has been a director since 2008. Sonya comes from a forestry family and her genuine care for her clients means that she brings that something extra to her role. Sonya is currently on the board of FICA (Forest Industry Contractors Association) so that she can best represent the contractors perspective and keep abreast of changes to the industry. Sonya likes to keep fit, is an avid boxing fan, and spends her spare time with family and friends.

Tel: 027 373 0910

Steven Yeoman graduated with a Forestry Science degree from the University of Canterbury in 1995 and apart from the usual kiwi OE has dedicated himself to a career in forestry.
Steven has worked as a groundbased logging contractor for the past 15 years starting in the Hawkes Bay as a small roadlining crew to now running two fully mechanised crews in the Central North Island.
Steven has focused on building hard working, reliable crews that deliver a quality result safely. Volcanic Plateau Logging Ltd was awarded Training Company of the Year at the FITEC 2013 National Training Awards.
Steven was appointed to the FICA Board in 2012.

Tel: 021 277 4414

Tony Gamble is the owner of Gamble Forest Harvesting Ltd.
Tony’s start in the industry began as a schoolboy working for his father. From there he expanded the business to a multi crew operation. Since then, he has moved on and is now enjoying running a single high production mechanised grapple yarding crew working in the Otago coastal forests.
Over his career, Tony has predominantly worked for City Forests Ltd who have high expectations of their contractors for quality of work and Health and Safety.
He is excited about the future direction of the forest industry with the prospect of contractor’s certification and increasing professionalism within the industry.

Tel: 027 435 2989