Fiona Ewing Response to Recent Box Cut Feedback

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Dear all

I have been made aware of the attached email trail.

I have discussed this matter with Dame Alison Paterson, FISC Chair, and can confirm the following.

The email trail is correct in that I am aware of the incident referenced however it is incorrect in the assertion that ‘nothing appears to be happening to rectify the issues’.


Box cut

I am aware of the issues around the box cut being included in the BPG.

I was not involved directly in the production of the document however I am aware of the controversy around the inclusion of the box cut.

I’m currently working through a process with Neil Thomas and Glen Mackie to collate feedback on the box cut and review the BPG; the document has been released electronically but not yet printed and could be amended relatively easily if required. The cut was included in the BPG as it is known to be used in the industry and it was felt that it was better to recognise it as an advanced cut and include information in the BPG rather than be silent on the topic.

I have had discussions with both Glen Mackie, NZFOA, and Neil Thomas on this matter. Neil and I agreed yesterday (Wednesday 12 July) that we would add the topic of the box cut to the FISC OAG agenda for next week; Wednesday 19 July.


Tree felling incident using the box cut

I am aware of the incident and also the action that has been taken by Competenz in relation to the assessor.

It is my understanding that the inclusion of the box cut in the BPG is one of the reasons it was asked to be demonstrated at the assessors workshop.

I have been in discussions with Les Bak, H&S Manager Nelson Forests Ltd (NFL); the assessor in question works with NFL and an investigation has been commenced regarding the incident.

I have also had discussions with Mark Preece and Fiona Kingsford at Competenz around this matter and the processes used for addressing issues with assessors.

My contact details are easily obtained from the FISC website. If anyone has any questions or comments in relation to these matters, or any other aspect of the work of FISC, then please feel free to contact me directly and your feedback will be considered as part of the review process.


Kind regards

Fiona Ewing