Farewell message from John Stulen & the Innovatek team

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Thanks – we achieved a lot together! Today marks the end of a dedicated partnership of over 15 years. That’s how long we’ve been serving you as FICA members. From Tuesday morning your calls and emails go to Kim & Sarah at FICA’s temporary office in Te Awamutu.

THANKS very much for your support as members and sponsors for all those years!

In my own role as your main spokesman and lobbyist, I’ve been proud to serve you. It’s been far more than just my efforts though. My supportive wife and partner, Libby and our Innovatek staff, Tahlia coordinating programmes and Jeannette balancing the accounts, deserve credit for their contributions.

We started serving FICA in September 2002. With the support of other industry groups from day one I got stuck in as your faithful advocate. Over the years we proactively pursued opportunities, challenges and sought to right any wrongs we could for you. As much as possible we’ve listened and done what you wanted using our skill set as industry advocates to effect industry change and help make your businesses better and smarter.

Over the years I’m confident we played a key role in bringing forest contracting to the attention of many ministers and officials in several government agencies. It’s ironic that, as we end our role, forestry is set to get much more attention from leaders in the new coalition government. Its great to finally see some recognition of the key role that contractors play in our industry. Your people and businesses are major contributors to export earnings. Also our very workplace provides much more than that; both in environmental and social benefits over the life of a forest block from establishment to harvest and over (and over) again.

Over 15 years we grew networks with like-minded supporters and people who could help us to help you, our members. A lot of our successes came from working with our business partners to solve common problems. Today we have constructive alliances with forest owners, safety professionals and other contractor groups. It helped us serve you in many ways.

Of our many achievements I think the best is the formation of our Forest Industry Safety Council. It benefits all contractors, not just FICA members – but also brings together so many positive experiences from our own leading contractor to show how safety is integral to good business.

So, thanks for being you: practical people with a no-nonsense work ethic. I’ve really enjoyed serving each and every one of you!
“Never underestimate the power of small groups of people to drive change. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has!”

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