DRAFT – Mobile Plant Near Working Ropes

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Attached is the draft operational guidance for WorkSafe Forestry Inspectors. The purpose of the document is to provide guidance for forestry inspectors when they are considering appropriate action to take when mobile plant is engaged in mechanised tree felling, butting off uprooted trees and bunching trees for extraction while operating near yarder working ropes with a yarder using a grapple.

The draft guidance references the Enforcement Decision-making Model (EDM), you can find information on EDM here. EDM provides a framework that guides WorkSafe’s Inspectors through the necessary thought process to decide on an enforcement response appropriate to the circumstances.

WorkSafe NZ would appreciate the Forest Industry Contractors Association forming a robust view on this advice based on the required technical skill and knowledge with the safety of workers as the paramount consideration.

Please note following a review of this work practice by the FICA and WorkSafe this draft operational guidance may or may not be provided to inspectors. WorkSafe is engaged in a process of understanding the risks associated with mechanised tree felling near yarder working ropes where the yarder is using a grapple.

Forestry – Mobile plant working near hauler ropes